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  In the early 1850’s Goodale’s Cutoff was a heavily used emigrant route that ran the length of Camas Prairie.

 During those years the Bannock Indians would gather in the area during the summer and hunt wild life and gather Camas (wild onion) and Yampas (wild carrot) roots to store for winter use.

  Camas county is full of history, stories, dreams and beauty.



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  Camas County was formed on February 6, 1917 from Blaine County consisting of eleven hundred square miles. It has been under the jurisdiction of ten separate counties, between 1843 and 1917.  They are in order of their creation; Champaign, Linn, Wasco, Shoshone, Idaho, Boise, Alturas, Logan, Alta and Blaine, either by the first Territory or State of Idaho. Alturas County was the second largest county created by the first Territorial Legislative Assembly.  Old Alturas known as  the "Empire" county, extending from Boise east to the Little Lost River, north from  the Sawtooth Range and south to the Snake River. On December 11, 1882 at the 12th session of the Idaho Territorial Legislative Assembly, a bill to create a county from the western end of Alturas called Camas was introduced.  Thus after a Long and involved controversy concerning the creation of counties from the original Alturas, Camas County was formed. The County seat is at Fairfield.

Camas County consists of the small mining towns of Soldier, now a ghost town. In 1883 Frank and Nettie Laurence lived on Soldier Creek and built a home there. They died and are buried on soldier creek.  The town seemed secure until the OSL by passed it, going 2 miles south, residents and businesses vacated and moved to the RR site and named the site  New Soldier, later re-naming it Fair Field. Corral sits in the  S.W. in county.  Hill City 14 miles S.W. of Fairfield first named Prairie for Camas Prairie but changed to Hill City. Some of the early settlers in 1885 were the Johnson brothers, George, Gustavis, Lester, Bert, Lou and two sisters, Zena and Mrs. Monroe.  Fairfield (formerly New Soldier). Magic is in S.E. part of county on west side of Magic Reservoir, It had a post office from 1913-1921. Although there was once nine small settlements or towns.

 Camas was named for the lily-like plant found in the area with an edible bulb, gathered in the summer and used by the Bannock Indians and then by settlers. .


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County Clerk
County Courthouse
Fairfield, ID 83327
Phone: (208) 764-2242
Fax: (208) 764-2349

Camas County Historical Society
General Delivery  Fairfield, ID 83327


Fairfield Train Depot Museum

120 Willow Ave. E., Fairfield, ID. 83327

Camas County Public Library
519 First St
PO Box 292
Fairfield,  ID   83327


Books to read   

(1)A brief History of Camas prairie Idaho by Lucy M. Nelson. (2) The Gods of Soldier Mountains by Katherine Burns. (3) History of Camas County Idaho by John F. Ryan. (4) Lasting legacy 1890-1900  Camas County by Nan Reedy & Lena Nash Rice                                   



CORRAL CEMETERY 2 miles north, 8 miles west of Fairfield, Camas Co. ID                                      


HILL CITY CEMETERY Near Hill City, Camas Co. ID 


MANARD CEMETERY 2 ½ miles east, 4 ¼ miles south of Fairfield, Camas Co. ID  (not maintained but county owned)


MOUNTAIN VIEW CEMETERY 5 miles north of Fairfield, Camas Co. ID


SCATTERED GRAVES   various locations in Camas County Idaho.  (On farms, ranches and in the mountains.)



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