Sheriffs of Camas County
                                                                                   submitted by Chris Storey

      In 1917 Camas became a County. Its County seat is Fairfield.
     Camas County is a back country and the Sheriffs participate in Search and Rescue.Their duties are very time consuming and can be quite harrowing at times.The country they travel is rough and desolate.
      The Following List of Sheriffs came from the Sheriffs Office and
Wood  River Newspaper.

     1917-1919     C.L.Back

           1919-1920      Harry Lamson

      1920-1931     Sig Merrel

           1931-1932     Oscar Perkins

               1932-1938     Allec C. Osborne

        1938-1940     R.T.Baldwin

         1940-1953     John Hersch

                  1953-1955    Russell Hollenback

      1955-1963    Al Lawson

       1963-1963     Jerry Moon

    1963-1975     Paul Cox

           1975-2001     Harold P. Lee

       2001-2003     Keith Rast

             2003-             Dave Sanders