Scattered Graves

  There are many other graves scattered across Camas Prairie, Some are on old homesteads, on ranches and others just here and there. County lines have changed. Some graves are able to be found and others have disappeared over the years. The following are just a few of them.

Francis, Ellen,  Died 30 September 1908,  buried on old homestead now in Elmore county.

Lawrence, Frank N., Born 1858, Died 8 May 1925, buried 9 miles N. of Fairfield on side of road.

Lightfoot, John H., Died 8 August 1933, This man found dead and buried on Lightfoot Bar, Big Smokey Creek.

Phillips, William T., Born 25 July 1858, Died 10 November  1889, buried 5 miles E. 3/4 mile S. of Fairfield.

Spencer, William H., Died 1880, found dead in his cabin and buried 14 April on Willow Creek Ranch.