Corral Creek Cemetery Origin

The land for the Cemetery was donated by my great grandparents Hugh Franklin and Mary Jane Senter McCarter who homesteaded on Corral Creek in 1886. 

Here is the account of how the Cemetery was started according to my grandpa,William Senter McCarter born 1887 on Corral Creek.

Dad bought a team of good big mares from a prospector that placer mined along the Snake River in the wintertime and prospected in the hills in the summer.He would come up to our place in the spring with team and wagon and leave his wagon and pack his horses and go in the hills.But one spring He never got away from the place.He took down with the spotted fever and died and was the first person buried in the Corral Cemetery.This was before I can remember.This may have been the Frank Downard who was buried there in 1888.Sometime later H.F.(as we call him) donated the land to the county.

We use to play in the Cemetery when I was a kid (We'd take our friends up there to scare them).At that time, there were many wooden crosses in varying degrees of decay.One summer some civic group decided the Cemetery was in need of beautification.They used a bulldozer to dig up the sagebrush and then burned it, and I suspect more than a few of the old crosses were lost.I do remember hearing stories that they'd go to bury someone in the Cemetery and run into another grave while digging.So I suspect there are many more people buried than one would think.I don't know if the county kept any records on it or not.Strangely enough none of our family was ever buried there,even though it sat on our land for over 100 years.

Kate McCarter

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NOTE:  Researchers may find the town name New Soldier when researching.